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Unexpected Benefits of Martial Arts Training young white belt karate student

Unexpected Benefits of Martial Arts Training

Other benefits of martial arts training Results Come With Dedication each have their own reasons… You won’t know till you try Everyone has their own reason for enrolling themselves or their children into martial arts. Since I’ve been training in martial arts for over 40 years, it’s been my experience that most people start their […]

Time time shown on stop watch


Time – Our most precious asset “If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up of.” – Bruce Lee no time like the present Time is our most precious commodity. It’s our richest treasure. It’s the one thing that once gone, you can never get back. Money comes and […]

New Kickboxing Class man showing perseverance by pushing huge stone up mountain

New Kickboxing Class

Our New Women’s Fitness Kickboxing Program is Here! Fun Exercise in Wake Forest Women’s kickboxing program Kickboxing begins on Monday, February 17th at 9am.  It will run Monday through Friday at 9am every morning.  It is designed specifically to meet your cardio and strength conditioning needs, with ALL of the fun of martial arts. We will […]