How Martial Arts Teaches Gratitude


Martial arts is not only a form of self-defense or combat sport, but it is also a way of life that can teach valuable lessons beyond the physical aspect. At Innovative Martial Arts Academy, we believe that one of the most important lessons that martial arts can teach is gratitude.


What is Gratitude?

Gratitude is defined as the quality of being thankful and having an appreciation for what you have in life. It is an essential component of living a fulfilling and happy life. Gratitude allows us to acknowledge the good things in our lives, no matter how big or small, and helps us focus on what we have instead of what we lack. In martial arts, gratitude is a fundamental value that is deeply ingrained in the training and philosophy of the art.


How Respect Teaches Gratitude

Martial arts teaches gratitude through the concept of respect. Respect is a crucial aspect of martial arts and is shown in many forms, such as 

  • bowing to your opponent or instructor
  • addressing them with the proper titles 
  • acknowledging their guidance and support

Respect in martial arts is not limited to just the people you train with, but it also extends to the practice itself, the equipment, and the environment. The very act of bowing before entering the training area is a sign of respect and gratitude for the opportunity to train and develop oneself physically and mentally. By showing respect, martial artists learn to appreciate the value and importance of those around them, and to be grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow.


How Discipline and Perseverance Teaches Gratitude

Martial arts teaches gratitude through the development of discipline and perseverance. Learning martial arts requires a tremendous amount of dedication and effort, which can be challenging at times. Martial artists are required to train regularly, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and push themselves beyond their limits. This process can be frustrating and demotivating, but by persevering through the challenges, martial artists learn to appreciate the process and the progress they make. They become grateful for their hard work and the results they achieve, no matter how small they may be. This sense of gratitude helps to cultivate a positive and grateful attitude towards life, which can help in all aspects of life, not just martial arts.


How Community and Support Teaches Gratitude

Martial arts teaches gratitude through the idea of community and support. Martial arts is not an individual sport, but rather a team effort. Martial artists train with partners, work with coaches and instructors, and often belong to a larger community or organization. In this sense, martial arts teaches the importance of collaboration and working together towards a common goal. Through the support and encouragement of others, martial artists can achieve their goals and reach their full potential. This sense of community and support fosters a deep sense of gratitude towards those who have helped them along the way, and encourages them to pay it forward by supporting and helping others.


How Humility Teaches Gratitude

Martial arts teaches gratitude through the idea of humility. Humility is the ability to recognize one’s limitations and weaknesses and to approach life with an open mind and willingness to learn. In martial arts, humility is essential because it allows martial artists to approach their training with an open mind, ready to learn from their mistakes and weaknesses. By recognizing their limitations and weaknesses, martial artists learn to appreciate the value of constructive criticism and feedback, which helps them to grow and improve. This sense of humility teaches martial artists to be grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow, even in the face of adversity.


Innovative Martial Arts Academy

At Innovative Martial Arts Academy, our Martial Arts training offers men, women, and children the opportunity to challenge their bodies and minds without the threat of injury and intimidation. Take on the best training in disciplines like Aikido, Kenpo Karate, and Kali, and build your skills one day at a time with the help of our dedicated instructors


We are proud to serve families across Wake Forest, Wakefield and the surrounding area with a rewarding experience that can set you or your child up for success in all aspects of life. If you’re interested in learning about our martial arts program, contact us at 919.562.4663, or visit our website.  


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Our Reviews

William D.
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This place is great! Charles and his team have fantastic programs for kids. When we started our 3.5 year old son, I didn’t know what to expect. He quickly adapted to the classes and now loves going. Our 2 year old son loves watching and will start as well as soon as he turns 3. Innovative Martial arts also hosted their birthday parties. The kids had a blast doing different activities throughout the birthday party. Can’t say enough good things about this place, and what they teach!
Tara H.
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Innovative Martial Arts Academy (IMAA) is the best place to take martial arts. Charles Falk, the owner, and his staff do a great job teaching martial arts to the students and teaching each student to be confident and disciplined. My son has been with IMAA for eight years - he has earned one black belt and is working on his second.
Niko F.
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Not only are the staff amazing, but there is a mix of fun and learning in the curriculum. My 5 year old daughter absolutely loves this school. She has learned respect and many other aspects making her more focused and well behaved. I definitely recommend this school for you or your child.
Janice P.
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Great school with wonderful teachers. My daughter has a great time learning and everyone is friendly. There is even an adult class that allowed me to try to see if I liked it and everyone was very patient with me. I am thankful to have my daughter be a part of the Innovative Martial Arts Academy in Wake Forest and know she is benefiting from it in more than one way. It amazes me how fast she is learning and how hard she is trying. They have her trying to develop at her fullest with her mind, body, and spirit. I would recommend this school to anyone interested in martial arts.
Kristi F.
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Wonderful place for not only skill development but also personal development. Owner and instructors genuinely get to know students and families and care about them. The lessons learned will provide character growth as well as martial art skills. The owner is also a long time student of many different martial arts, he didn't just buy a franchise, and tries very hard to live what he teaches the students. Proud to have been in this dojo family for 6+ years and proud of the friendships we have made there!

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