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Day: November 20, 2020

How IMAA is Different difference is standing out in a crowd for the right reasons

How IMAA is Different

How IMAA stands out Why we are the best karate dojo in Wake Forest Our Teaching style Caters to the student Our instructors go through extensive extra training just to be an instructor. At Innovative Martial Arts Academy in Wake Forest, having a black belt does not mean you are an instructor. Our instructors are […]

Perseverance and why it is important man showing perseverance by pushing huge stone up mountain

Perseverance and why it is important

Why We Teach Perseverance Life lessons to help develop the whole person What is Perseverance? Perseverance is persistence despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. In simple terms, the idea of NEVER giving up! You’ve heard people say that they have learned more from their failures than they did from their successes — it’s true. […]