The Health Benefits of Taking Karate

Karate is a martial arts form that has been around for centuries. It originated in Okinawa, Japan, and is considered one of the oldest fighting styles. While an ancient practice, Karate has many relevant health benefits even in the 21st century. Karate can improve your overall health and increase strength, coordination, agility, balance, and endurance by using aerobic and anaerobic exercises simultaneously. 

More Energy

When you take up karate, the more intense training will increase your endorphins, the “feel-good” chemicals in your body. Endorphins make you feel happy and they also give you more energy which makes it easier to exercise for prolonged periods of time. Karate is known for helping people gain both strength and aerobic capacity.

Taking karate can improve endurance, which means you will exercise longer without feeling winded or tired. You may experience more energy and a happier outlook as your endorphins increase. As you train

  • You will feel yourself getting stronger. 
  • Your balance will be improve
  • You will experience an increase in coordination
  • Your agility and endurance will skyrocket 

Improved Moods

Do you find yourself feeling down more often than not? If so, this may be due to a lack of endorphins in your body. Karate training can positively impact mood because it increases the amount of endorphins in your body. This increase in endorphins provides you with more energy and gives you a better outlook on life, which will help you to become happier and healthier mentally. 

Increase in Cardiovascular Health

Karate can improve your overall physical health by strengthening your cardiovascular system. As you exercise, your heart rate increases and this creates more blood flow throughout the body. When you train, your heart rate will increase, which can help strengthen the muscles found within the heart (and body). The stronger they are, the more efficiently your body uses oxygen. This means you will have 1) more endurance and 2) feel less tired during karate training or other daily activities.

Increased Bone Density and Strength

As you take up karate training, your bones will become stronger. This increase in bone strength can help to prevent fractures and breaks in the future. Karate can also improve your bone health by strengthening your bones and increasing bone density which is especially important for women who are at a higher risk of osteoporosis. 

Stress Relief

Do you find yourself having trouble sleeping because your mind is racing? If so, this may be due to stress. There are many ways to reduce stress, one of them being Karate! When you train and do physical activity, the chemicals in your body change, and this can help to relieve stress. Physical activity can also boost your endorphin levels and leave you feeling more positive, which will provide a sense of relief as well. 

Try a Class

Karate is a great martial art that offers an excellent workout while building strength and agility. In addition to being a form of exercise, karate can also be used as self-defense. If you’re interested in trying this incredibly beneficial activity, contact us today! We will help get you started on the path to fulfilling your potential with martial arts training. 

Karate is a great way to get in shape. If you want to learn more about the benefits of karate, contact IMAA’s Triangle Dojo or (919) 562-4663 today!

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