5 Characteristics of Leadership

We want to set our children up for success and we want them to be great leaders one day. However, what makes a good leader? How can we foster those qualities? At IMAA, we have seen students become leaders, and they all have five characteristics in common. We are proud to say that our core values go hand in hand with those characteristics. We are confident that we are helping mold our students into future leaders! 

1) Honesty and Integrity

Dwight D. Eisenhower said, “The supreme quality of leadership is unquestionably integrity. Without it, no real success is possible…”  Leaders need to set an example with consistent honesty. If the leader expects their subordinates to have integrity, they too must show it.

At IMAA, we believe that the most important aspect of being a true martial artist is to have a high moral character – to have Integrity. It is important to be honest and keep your promises to others. In the martial arts world, having integrity means being a person with honor.

2) Good Communication Skills

Imagine a leader with an amazing vision for their group-but they lack the ability to communicate that vision to their team. Will they be successful? Of Course not! An important part of leadership is the ability to communicate with others. If you cannot communicate, then you cannot lead successfully.

At IMAA, we believe that communication is very important for our students’ success. That is why we model how to be good communicators in our lessons. We are direct and explain what we want from our students. We have seen that when our older students start teaching classes, they also possess these quality communication skills. 

3) Willingness to Delegate and Empower

A good leader knows the difference between doing and leading. Sometimes people in a leadership role think that something may not be done correctly so they do not delegate responsibility to others. That is a big mistake. If you delegate, it will empower others. 

At IMAA, we know the importance of empowering our students. As our older students progress in their program, they can teach the younger students. We have seen this have a wonderful impact on our students, and it empowers them to be good leaders and work harder!

4) Commitment and Passion

Being committed and passionate about what you do is important to your success as a leader. If you are not passionate, how will those around you feel? Will they want to work hard for you? If a leader has passion and is committed to his team, it will inspire others.

5) Confidence

At IMAA, we see that our students understand commitment. Becoming a martial artist requires commitment and passion. The only way students will be successful and grow, is to have a strong commitment to their studies of martial arts. 

Believing in yourself and your ability to lead and make decisions are crucial to effective leadership. A leader that lacks confidence will not inspire those around them. But there is a difference between arrogance and confidence. Confidence exudes a positive influence on those around you.

One thing that all of our students at IMAA develop over time is confidence. They have worked hard and stuck with their training. They have overcome obstacles and persevered, which instills a high level of confidence. This confidence will also carry over into other aspects of their lives, making them successful in their other endeavors!

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