Four Key Benefits for Children

Martial arts is not just a fun physical activity, there are actual cognitive and behavioral benefits of practicing and performing martial arts. It is no surprise that the scientific community has caught on to this and have conducted various studies of children who participate.

Researchers have compared children who participate in martial arts to children who have not and their findings are staggering. However, our instructors at IMAA have been seeing this “data” in our students for years. 

  • Improvement in attention
  • Improvement with memory
  • Gross and fine motor development
  • Increased emotional well-being

Improved Attention and Focus

There is scientific research that shows children will be able to improve their mental capabilities with the martial arts. Researchers at Bangor University found that martial arts students saw improvement in attention, focus and alertness. According to this research, martial arts can significantly improve both brain and body.

Improved Memory

Italian researchers found that taking part in the martial arts can improve a child’s working memory. They tested people’s ability to recall a series of numbers that increasingly became more difficult. The martial arts group performed better than the control group in this test. The physical activity in the martial arts helps the body and the mind.

Improved Motor Development

Children who participate in martial arts show improved speed, more explosive leg strength and improved coordination over a control group with children that did not participate in martial arts. According to this study published in the Muscle, Ligaments and Tendons Journal, practicing martial arts enhances reaction time and motor time, information processing speed, and working memory.

Improved Emotional Well Being

Martial arts training can be very valuable to emotional well-being. Studies have shown that training for 3-6 months can help in lowering depression and anxiety levels in kids. Part of this can be attributed to the instruction of focus and breathing. Learning about these skills can be fruitful as they help a student lower stress levels so they can better focus on matters at hand. The immediate payoff is improved performance in the dojo. The long-term benefits can be far-reaching. Lower overall stress levels can lead to better overall performance and behavior.

There is a meditative aspect related to martial arts training, so kids feel happier and active. Self-esteem is also enhanced in children involved in some martial arts training, whether karate, tai chi, or others.

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