What is Kenpo Karate?


Kenpo, also known as Kenpo Karate, is a modern martial art that originated in the United States. It is a self-defense system that incorporates various techniques from traditional Japanese and Chinese martial arts, as well as influences from Western boxing and wrestling. Developed in the early 20th century by martial artist William K.S. Chow and later by his student Ed Parker, Kenpo Karate has become one of the most popular martial arts styles in the world.


History of Kenpo

Kenpo Karate can trace its roots back to the ancient martial arts of China and Japan. In the early 1900s, William K.S. Chow began studying Chinese martial arts from his father, who was a practitioner of Southern Shaolin Kung Fu. Chow then went on to study Japanese martial arts, including Judo and Jiu Jitsu. He combined these techniques to create his own style of self-defense, which he called Kenpo.

Ed Parker, a student of Chow’s, further developed the style, emphasizing practical self-defense techniques and incorporating elements of Western boxing and wrestling. Parker’s system of Kenpo Karate became very popular in the United States during the 1960s and 1970s, and today, it is one of the most widely practiced martial arts in the world.


Philosophy of Kenpo

Kenpo Karate emphasizes practical self-defense techniques that can be used in real-life situations. Students are taught to use their bodies as weapons, using strikes, kicks, and throws to disable attackers. Kenpo also emphasizes mental and emotional discipline, teaching students to stay calm and focused in stressful situations.

Kenpo Karate also emphasizes the importance of personal development and self-improvement. Through regular practice, students can improve their physical fitness, coordination, and self-confidence. The principles of Kenpo Karate can be applied to all aspects of life, helping students to become better people both inside and outside the dojo.


Techniques of Kenpo

Kenpo Karate incorporates a wide variety of techniques from different martial arts styles. These include strikes, kicks, throws, joint locks, and pressure points.  One of the unique aspects of Kenpo Karate is its use of “forms,” which are prearranged sequences of movements that simulate self-defense situations. Forms are used to teach students the proper execution of techniques and to develop muscle memory.

Kenpo Karate also emphasizes sparring, or “kumite,” in which students practice their techniques against a live opponent. Sparring helps students to develop timing, distance, and control, and is an important part of preparing for real-life self-defense situations.


Innovative Martial Arts Academy Can Help

At Innovative Martial Arts Academy, our Martial Arts training offers men, women, and children the opportunity to challenge their bodies and minds without the threat of injury and intimidation. Take on the best training in disciplines like Aikido, Kenpo Karate, and Kali, and build your skills one day at a time with the help of our dedicated instructors

We are proud to serve families across Wake Forest, Wakefield and the surrounding North Raleigh area with a rewarding experience that can set you or your child up for success in all aspects of life. If you’re interested in learning about our martial arts program, call us at 919.562.4663 or fill out the form below to get more information.  

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William D.
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This place is great! Charles and his team have fantastic programs for kids. When we started our 3.5 year old son, I didn’t know what to expect. He quickly adapted to the classes and now loves going. Our 2 year old son loves watching and will start as well as soon as he turns 3. Innovative Martial arts also hosted their birthday parties. The kids had a blast doing different activities throughout the birthday party. Can’t say enough good things about this place, and what they teach!
Tara H.
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Innovative Martial Arts Academy (IMAA) is the best place to take martial arts. Charles Falk, the owner, and his staff do a great job teaching martial arts to the students and teaching each student to be confident and disciplined. My son has been with IMAA for eight years - he has earned one black belt and is working on his second.
Niko F.
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Not only are the staff amazing, but there is a mix of fun and learning in the curriculum. My 5 year old daughter absolutely loves this school. She has learned respect and many other aspects making her more focused and well behaved. I definitely recommend this school for you or your child.
Janice P.
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Great school with wonderful teachers. My daughter has a great time learning and everyone is friendly. There is even an adult class that allowed me to try to see if I liked it and everyone was very patient with me. I am thankful to have my daughter be a part of the Innovative Martial Arts Academy in Wake Forest and know she is benefiting from it in more than one way. It amazes me how fast she is learning and how hard she is trying. They have her trying to develop at her fullest with her mind, body, and spirit. I would recommend this school to anyone interested in martial arts.
Kristi F.
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Wonderful place for not only skill development but also personal development. Owner and instructors genuinely get to know students and families and care about them. The lessons learned will provide character growth as well as martial art skills. The owner is also a long time student of many different martial arts, he didn't just buy a franchise, and tries very hard to live what he teaches the students. Proud to have been in this dojo family for 6+ years and proud of the friendships we have made there!

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